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Dear Peggy,

I just wanted to say that you are awesome.

You are awesome because from my interaction with you thus far, I can tell that you are a well-intentioned person in that you have offered to speak to my mother about my home situation and you were there when I thought I was going to be arrested. I knew that if it was another law firm that I went to, it wouldn’t be until the week after till I saw one. I know this as I have been to a few other firms before.

Having been with YYK for a while, it has been difficult to “integrate” with the non-legal brain and I am struggling (in general) with the lack of attention to minute details, the analysis and synthesis. You are brilliant like that too. I suppose it is the norm for lawyers to think like that but you are brilliant and well-intentioned. This is the best combination in a lawyer. You must know this.

Ms J.E.

Dear PY Legal,

I would like to thank my representing counsel, Ms Audrey Liaw, on the following attributed meted out to my favour.

While handling the case, I found that Ms Liaw was even-tempered when the explaining the situation of great complexity to me. She was able to offer professional advice before, during and after the case. Ms Liaw was adroit and competent with the legal processes and proceedings and was also empathic towards the nature of the case.

With that combination, she has assisted me to reach a desired settlement and at the second mention, without the need for trial.

I am grateful for such a blessing to have met with a counsel of such calibre.

Mdm C.L.

Dear Linda,

We have benefitted from the professional work done and would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude and thanks for the patience and care rendered to us over the past 2 years. Thank you very much.

Mr J.T.

Dear Natasha and Peggy,

I would like to thank both of you, the Law Society Pro Bono Services and PY Legal LLC for helping me with the PPO and maintenance applications. I am very grateful.

Ms L.T.

Peggy was very professional advising me throughout the divorce process. She was able to understand my specific needs and assisted me to achieve the desired outcome. She was knowledgeable with the subject matter which facilitated my decision making along the way. I am totally appreciative of her assistance.

Mr W.L.

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