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I engaged PY Legal LLC on the recommendation of a friend who had assured me of excellent service. I was not disappointed. Peggy and Linda have been exceptionally helpful, and have taken time to explain matters to me clearly and in language that was simple to understand. They've been very responsive, and have always provided advice in a prompt and professional manner.

Mostly, I am grateful that Peggy and Linda always considered my interests when providing advice. It was very reassuring to have them advice me through unfamiliar territory.

I'd happily engage PY Legal LLC again, and would not hesitate to recommend them to friends and associates.

Mr L.

Dear Peggy,

Just to say "Thank You" once again for looking after my interest with my divorce proceedings.

It's not easy to walk away from a relationship after over 40 years but you made it bearable & painless, and really fast. I'm very grateful for that.

Ms H.

My family is very grateful to Ms Muntaz for representing my child who was charged in the Youth Court and seemingly the sentencing would likely to be a probation in a Boy's Hostel. Through her humble beginning, she fully understood the meaning of poverty and the underprivileged, hence fought hard and intelligently for her clients, working relentlessly even she is on the company's overseas retreat. Her experience as a State Prosecutor has also gained her much insights into our criminal procedures and system. The end result? The Judge granted my child to be supervised at our home! When someone not only helped you in court but also your family, gratitude must be given! Thank you my learned friend. Regards.

David Lim

The staff are professional and meticulous. I'm a long-time client and would always turn to them for any legal issues.

Ms Susanna

You are allowed to be emotional, express your feelings and just be yourself. My job is to listen to you, be a voice of support while keeping cool and focused on standing by your side through these trying times” –> these were the words of support and encouragement which Peggy greeted me with. It was exactly what I was looking for. ​

Throughout my case, Peggy stood unwaveringly by my side, offering great advice and encouragement while giving me the space to recoup when needed. Her professional advice offered in calm, but encouraging, tone often brought stability throughout the tribulations of the legal case. ​

Her extensive professional expertise and ability to find solution to any issue were very much welcome as to keep me focused on getting through. Peggy helped me to feel useful as she put me hard at work to help myself and in way she made be become a part of her team. That gave me the chance to contribute towards the successful outcome of the case. I am very much satisfied with the case outcome. ​

And yet, her work didn’t stop there. After the court ruling Peggy and her staff worked tirelessly to get all paperwork and associated tasks processed, filed and done in time. ​

I will highly recommend her to anyone as it is rare to find someone to stand by your corner, be your friend and supporter in trying times. ​

Peggy, you did a great job!

Mr Dobrin Dobrinov

Dear Ms Yee,

I found your sharing to be the ignition I needed to further move ahead peacefully towards my divorce. It was clear and helped me walk through in my mind the end result that I hope to settle with.

God bless you for putting your heart in your work and being an inspiration.

Ms M.

Throughout the whole legal process Miss Yee and her team at PY Legal, including Miss Audrey Liaw, were very professional and yet compassionate, guiding me at every stage. To a layperson like me, the whole process is very daunting. I cannot thank Miss Yee and PY Legal enough to help me through.

Ms Angeline

I would like to commend Ms Peggy Yee and her Team. I am very pleased with the performance, support, professionalism and determination of Ms Yee. Throughout my many cases since 1994, she has always been very quick to respond, always patient in explaining the status and details/developments of my cases. We unreservedly recommend the services of Ms Yee.

Mr Louis Phun

Realizing you need a lawyer is not a situation you want to find yourself in, especially if all the reputable law firms in town are conflicted out of representing you with your employer.

I’m willing to say that I met Muntaz Zainuddin by the grace of God, and I’m not at all religious. I called her firm one morning for a quick consult, and I was struck by how well she knew the issues around my employment situation. She had, after all, worked at the Ministry of Manpower and served previously as a prosecutor.

Muntaz is whip smart on the legal issues, keen on the details of a case, quick to respond to emails and calls. Throughout several months of working with her, I was impressed by how well she remembered the players and the situations in my case, making it very easy to work with her, as I didn’t have to explain the details and nuances over and over.

Muntaz is also a good human. She was empathetic, kind, and understanding, even when I was snappy and being a difficult client. She knew I was going through a hard time, and found the right way to work with me. In the end, I was convinced that she cared about me and my case, and that she had a strong sense of justice that aligned with my own.

I’d hire her again in a heartbeat, and would enthusiastically and wholeheartedly recommend her without reservation.


Recently I was put in the unfortunate position of having to fight for legal custody of my son who had been removed to another country.

Being an expat and with my son now not in Singapore I thought my chances of getting a favourable judgement in Singapore were slim at best. I engaged Ms. Muntaz Binte Zainuddin; a Senior Legal Associate with the firm to lead the fight. Ms. Zainuddin persevered through the many obstacles, uncertainties and at times my despondent attitude. She helped me understand the process and after a tough battle I was awarded Care custody and control of my son by the Family Justice Courts of the Republic of Singapore.

Tim Hartley

Ms. Muntaz Zainuddin was a wholly capable sherpa, displaying an acute balance of tact, propriety, patience and responsiveness – a comforting ownership of my case, no less. In retrospect, definitely worth that call.

Mark Fernandez

Our company had engaged the services of Ms Muntaz regarding a dispute with our ex-employee. Since she had worked with MOM, she was able to give us valuable inputs about manpower laws. Thus, we were able to settle the matter without spending much.


I had the privilege and honour of engaging Muntaz with regards to employment matters. Her knowledge and expertise are invaluable and she handled my case with utter efficiency and utmost professionalism.


Great to have engaged the services of Muntaz in getting my Will done. Although young, I finds her very well-experienced for the task, utmost professional and meticulous in her work.

Bernard Chow
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How We Care

  • Well Balanced & Holistic Solutions
  • 30 Years of Legal Experience
  • Catholic/Christian/Muslim Lawyers
  • Trained & Professional Support Team
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