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Muntaz Binte Zainuddin

Senior Legal Associate

Graduate LL.B. (Hons), National University of Singapore, 2014
Advocate and Solicitor, Supreme Court of Singapore, 2015
Accredited Mediator Lvl 1, Singapore International Mediation Institute, 2017
Bachelor of Arts, National University of Singapore, 2009
Diploma in Law and Management (with Merit), Temasek Polytechnic, 2006

Muntaz Zainuddin was called to the Singapore Bar, after completion of her Graduate LL.B. from the National University of Singapore (“NUS”). Before being admitted to practice, Muntaz was a Prosecutor with the Ministry of Manpower (“MOM”) for two and a half years. This was after Muntaz had completed her Bachelor of Arts from NUS and her Diploma in Law and Management from Temasek Polytechnic wherein she was on the Dean’s list. ​

Muntaz’s work experience and educational background has honed her into a versatile advocate & solicitor whose practice includes areas of personal law such as matrimonial, criminal, personal injury, employment, wills and probate and general solicitor’s matters. She is fluent in both English and Malay.

- Member of the Law Society of Singapore
- Member of the Singapore Academy of Law
- Committee Member of Criminal Practice Committee, Law Society of Singapore
- Committee Member of Family Practice Committee, Law Society of Singapore ​

Muntaz’s Family Law Experience
Muntaz has experience in diverse aspects of matrimonial and family law. She has represented and assisted clients in the following matters:
- Contested and simplified (agreed) divorces;
- Maintenance of Wife;
- Maintenance of Child;
- Custody of children;
- Care & Control of children;
- Division of matrimonial assets;
- Guardianship applications;
- Mediation;
- Pre and post-nuptial marital agreements; and
- Deed of Separation
- Annulment ​

Muntaz’s Criminal Law Experience
Muntaz is well-versed in criminal law. Before working as a Defence Counsel for the past 2 over years, Muntaz was a Prosecutor with the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) for close to three years. This has allowed Muntaz to be familiar with both aspects of criminal prosecution and defence. Her experience as a Prosecutor has greatly assisted her in representing clients in Court and outside Court when negotiating better outcomes. ​

Amongst others, Muntaz’s experience includes:

- Drafting representations to the Attorney General Chambers and/or other prosecution units to ask for withdrawal or reduction of charges;
- Drafting representations to the Singapore Police Force and/or other enforcement units to ask for no further action or warning to be given;
- Drafting mitigations pleas to request for leniency from Courts during sentencing;
- Meeting prosecutors for the purposes of reviewing evidence and plea-bargaining;
- Representing clients as sole counsel in mentions, pre-trial conferences and bail reviews;
- Representing clients as sole/lead or co-counsel in criminal trials; and
- Representing the State in prosecuting accused persons including mentions, PTCs and trials

Muntaz’s Employment Law experience
Having worked in the Ministry of Manpower (MOM), Muntaz is well-informed with Employment law matters. As she was also involved in legislation work in the Ministry and a key officer involved in Singapore’s ratification of the Maritime Labour Convention, she is also knowledgeable with various employment legislations.

Muntaz has represented clients and/or the Ministry in criminal matters involving charges by MOM or investigations by Labour Courts for both local and foreign persons. Her experience with employment matters includes:

- Advising employers or employees as to their employment rights under their contract of employment;
- Drafting and/or reviewing employment contracts;
- Negotiations with employers/employees on termination package;
- Negotiations with employers/employees on breach of contracts;
- False declarations in work pass applications (including usage of phantom workers)
- Illegal employment of foreign workers
- Non-payment of salaries for employees
- Kick back
- Running an unlicensed employment agency
- Work safety
- Work injury matters

Muntaz’s other experience
In her course of work, Muntaz has also dabbled in personal injury matters as well as drafted wills for clients. As she is a Muslim, Muntaz is also able to provide general advice on Sharia’ matters including divorce and faraid/Will issues.

Outside of work
Outside of work, Muntaz is an avid sportswoman and plays netball as well as treks regularly. Her philosophy in handling her cases is the same as when she plays sports – Never play to lose and if you win, win fairly. This has allowed Muntaz to be dedicated to the task at hand as she strives to give her clients the best possible outcome.

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How We Care

  • Well Balanced & Holistic Solutions
  • 30 Years of Legal Experience
  • Catholic/Christian/Muslim Lawyers
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